Welcome to Worship 

        at Our Savior's Lutheran Church             

      Sunday Worship 9 am

        In person & Zoom/Facebook Live


 Season of Epiphany  

Sundays 9 am   

3rd Sunday of Epiphany

January 23

 "Jesus Fulfills"       

Luke 4:14-21


This season Of Epiphany we are going to see how Jesus is revealed to the world, beginning with the revealing to the Magi who followed the star. 

Sunday, January 30   9 am Worship          

                 Jesus goes outside the box       Luke 4:21-30


COVID19 Worship Requirements

In an attempt to help "stem the surge", the worshiping community at Our Savior's has a mask requirement. All worshipers must wear a mask and it is recommended that it is an N95 mask or the equivalent. We have the extra required masks in the lobby of the church, so you can pick one up on the way into worship.

Also, we are practicing safe distances, and so we maintain a safe distance by sitting apart for the worship. 

We have continuous Holy Communion and maintain a safe distance as we come forward for Communion and leave our masks on until we receive the bread and the wine. We return to our seats with masks in place. 

We welcome your presence during our worship time and hope that all can be safe and comfortable with these guidelines in place. 

Thank you for your understanding as we continue in this COVIDtide.